Patrick Wunderlich

I am currently enrolled in the Master of Accounting program focusing on accounting information systems and auditing at the University of Utah. Prior to entering the program, I gained extensive experience working with and assisting a variety of internal and external clients at the U.S. Department of State, Utah Governor’s Office, Wells Fargo and the Royal Asiatic Society – Korea Branch. Clients included high-net-worth individuals, ambassadors, diplomats, elected officials and business leaders.

I lived and worked in East Asia for seven years and just under a year in Europe, which helped me develop a global mindset and the ability to build rapport with diverse groups of people. I also acquired an in-depth understanding of Chinese and Korean history and philosophy as well as the Korean language. Spending seven years in South Korea, four of which were only 35 miles south of the DMZ, has given me a unique perspective and detailed knowledge of the business and economic environment and international relations in East Asia.

My interests include how multinational corporations affect international trade, public policy and public administration, Roman history, and Chinese moral philosophy.

You can contact me at patrickwunderlich5757{at}yahoo.com