Patrick Wunderlich

I am a professional with nearly eight years of international experience and work history in financial services, federal/state government, public education, and non-profit organizations. I have lived on three continents and in four countries including Germany, Korea, and Lithuania; additionally, I have extensive international traveling experience and have had the opportunity to visit many of the world’s great cities.

I spent my time working abroad learning the culture, history, and philosophy of many countries while developing communication, leadership, and public speaking skills. Spending seven years in South Korea, four of which were only 15 miles south of the DMZ, has given me a unique perspective and detailed knowledge of the business and economics environment and international relations in East Asia that cannot be obtained in a classroom.

One of my strongest attributes is the ability to find inefficient and outdated policies and replace them with up-to-date programs. I have experience working with and advising people from different cultural backgrounds, building relationships, and clearly and effectively presenting ideas to ensure active resolution of problems.

You can contact me at patrickwunderlich5757{at}yahoo.com